Hello my name is Jodie and I'm a twenty year old currently living in London with my boyfriend.
I moved to London two years ago and ever since I've fallen in love with the city life and everything that comes with it. 

Days out, food, exploring, cuddles, baking, shopping, make up, clothes, rubbish television, dogs and cats.

Rude people, lack of manners, bad smells, salad, vegetables, being woken up.

The best way to contact me would be by email, jodez__@hotmail.co.uk

The Blog...
My blog is a place for me to write about things I enjoy and share them with others, I've read blogs for as long as I remember and have been blogging for 4 years over here.

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  1. You have a great blog Jodie (:

    - http://socialspices.blogspot.ca/