Saturday, 28 December 2013

Hydraluron review

So firstly let me just state that I have put off buying this for the longest time, I struggle to justify £25 on 'another cream', so you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this on the shelves of Boots for £16(ish)! (A third off!) I have super dry skin and in the winter my skin gets even worse than normal. 
Lately my skin has been giving me he'll, it's been even drier than normal and I think I had an allergic reaction to something because I got a rash on my face and way more spots than usual. 

So I decided to pop to Boots and buy a few skincare bits to help rescue my skin and try to bring it back to life a bit (post coming soon on the other products).

I often drift towards Hydraluron when I'm in Boots, but this time I felt like my skin was so bad I just had to give in to the hype and get it, that's when I saw it for a third off and alas, it was mine. 

Buy it here!

This is a serum, you apply it before you put on your moisturizer and it helps moisturise your skin even more and helps prevent wrinkles by firming your skin (it has a bunch of benefits but you can read about them online as I'm not very good at explaining).
I've been using this now for around 2 weeks and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. Like I said I changed up a lot of my regular skin care products so they are all working together, but I do notice a difference when applying this.

Once applied it feels quite sticky on your skin, but once a moisturiser is added your skin feels instantly smoother and fresher. I find my make up applies smoother and overall my skin is feeling much healthier.

I also find it very refreshing on 'no make up' days, if I just need to feel fresher I just put this And moisturiser on and my skin feels lovely. 

I'm sure this will benefit my skin even more in the long run and I plan to continue using it.

Have you tried Hydraluron yet? What are your thoughts?


  1. I suffer from pretty dry/sensitive skin, would you say i could benefit from this? Thanks Jess :)

    1. Hi Jess! The main reason I wanted to try Hydraluron in the first place, was because of my constant battle with my dry skin and this product has majority helped renew my skins moisture. As for sensitive skin, I don't suffer from sensitive skin myself, but I'm pretty sure this contains no harsh fragrances or chemicals, so I'd say it's worth looking in to x

  2. Thank you for he review. I too suffer from bouts of dry skin thanks to the winter weather and starting retinol. I've been contemplating adding this product to my skin care regime and I appreciate your honest and informative review. :)

    1. You're welcome :) I watched/read so many reviews before purchasing myself. I think if you have dry skin any added moisture is always a bonus x

  3. I have used this for a few months and I can't be without it now! I have just started using the eye cream from the brand and that's great too.

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