Monday, 24 June 2013

Health blog | Smoothie #1

Hey guys! So as I previously mentioned, not only is this a beauty blog but it's also going to be anything to do with beauty, fitness, health and just feeling the best you can in general.
I'm not the best eater, in fact I'm a terrible eater! I don't eat anything good and I don't think I've had my 5 a day in years. 
However, I've decided to start cramming in a bit of fruit here and there, I'll know its not the healthiest, but it's better than having no nutrients!

1 large spoon of strawberries
1 large spoon of raspberries
1 large spoon of blueberries
1 large spoon of blackberries
1/6 of a mango
3 chunks of pineapple
(Squeeze of a lime) 
Cranberry and mango juice
Lots of ice
*serves 2* 

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