Saturday, 23 November 2013

How I take off my Make up..

I'm sure you've all heard about - tried - the new Loreal Skin Perfection cleansing waters. 
I purchased a bottle around 2 months ago along with these large cotton pads from Superdrug and have been loving them so much, I recently went out and repurchased. 
This product is great from when you're quite tired and can't really be bothered to take your make up off, because it literally takes a matter of seconds. 
I haven't used make up wipes since.
This is a great product to try out and I think it may be a holy grail for me. 

Have you tried this cleansing water yet?


  1. I use this, Its amazing and smells nice too :) xx

  2. How much is it roughly? It looks like a godsend for me lol x