Friday, 8 January 2016

Health and Fitness Ramble - 2016

Hi guys, it´s been a while since I´ve done a health and fitness post on here and what a better time to write one in January. If you´re anything like me you would have consumed way too much food, wine and Bailey´s throughout December and are probably feeling a little bit guilty right now. However, I decided at the beginning of winter that I would be quite vigilant with how much I do consume through the festive period. It can be so difficult to lose weight and so easy to put it all back on. 
Throughout 2015 I lost around a stone and managed to keep it off, it hasn´t been an easy process at all, but I feel so much better because of it. At the start of the year I was quite strict about my eating habits, being extra careful with portion sizes and only trying to put good things in my body, it took a lot of control and consistency. Towards the end of the year I have been a little bit more relaxed about my diet, I have however gained 1/2 pounds since the summer but I´m okay with that and will probably try to eat a little cleaner throughout 2016. 
My weight went from 9 stone 6 to now being a healthy 8 stone 8. I am 5"6 for those wondering. 
I was never overweight but I was unhealthy and very unhappy with my body. I am hoping for good things in the new year and will hopefully be doing one of these posts every month as well as sharing any recipes, apps, work outs etc. with you all. 
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Please let me know if there is anything you´d like to see, I´d also like to come up with a title for these kind of posts so any suggestions are welcome. 

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