Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Fitness Story.

(This may quite long, so go and grab a cup of tea before having a read.)

Okay, so my whole life I've been tall and slim and a really rubbish eater. I could eat a whole tub of brownies and a multi-pack of crisps for breakfast each day and still be almost underweight. In school I was forever being the girl who was "always eating". In school though I was quite active as I took GCSE dance as well as P.E, which made 4 and a half hours exercise a week. I was really unhealthy but still very active.

Moving forward to being 17 and being in sixth form, I remained the same weight, occasionally gaining a few pounds, but nonetheless I was still slim for my height. (In sixth form we had a free gym membership which I never used because I didn't like the people who went to my sixth form). However a few of my friends and myself joined a local gym, which I started to really enjoy. However as all of my friends drove and I didn't and the gym was quite far from my house, I always had to rely on someone to go with me. So eventually everyone got bored and stopped going.

When I turned 18 as well as eating lots of crap I was also going out A LOT, and drinking A LOT. Which took my weight right up, I gained a stone in all the wrong places and became very unfit!

A few months after my 18th I then moved to London and moved in with my older sister and her boyfriend. I soon realised they rarely ever had home-cooked meals and go out to eat daily. Breakfast in a cafe and dinner in restaurants every day. Around the same time I got a job in a cocktail bar/club and started drinking even more regularly (socially, do worry, I was never a raging alcoholic or anything, just a teenager enjoying a free bar).
This of course was terrible for my body and I almost gained another 2 stone!

It was the biggest I'd ever been and I'd never been so unhappy with the way I looked.

After six months of living in London I had a big fall out with my sister and ended up moving back home with my mom. I went back to my old job and home-cooked meals. I then found out that my job were giving free gym memberships to all staff. So I asked my friend Roz if she wanted to start going with me. At this point I was still eating absolute crap and drinking on weekends, but I was swimming and going to the gym almost everyday.

I weighed myself after about 4 months and had lost about 5 pounds in total, which was a very happy moment for me because instead of reading the scales and seeing an increase, my weight had in fact gone down.

However, in October 2012 I got a chance to move back to London again, and of course I said yes.

So this brings me to right now, I have been living with my boyfriend for over six months now, I haven't joined a gym and he takes me out to eat 2-5 times a week. I sometimes snack instead of eating meals and I rarely exercise. I'm also working back at the cocktail bar and so I do drink often.

I'm not the biggest I've ever been right now, but I'm not far off it, I'm certainly the unhappiest I've been with my weight. I know what I need to do in order to lose the weight, I just need the motivation.

I've had the 'My Fitness Pal' app on my phone for about a year now which at some points I will use religiously and at others, not at all. I recently got the idea to do the 30 day shred, but due to laziness I only managed two days. The only thing I have found that really works for me is the gym. I feel like writing this post and admitting my bad habits and laziness that this could be where I start.
I want this blog to also be a platform where I can write regular fitness updates and progression (or lack of) and just try to admit to myself that I'm doing something wrong and something needs to change.

If you have (or have had) any similar issues we can encourage eachother to stay on track and regularly let eachother know how we're doing.

I'm not sure if this will work but it seems like a good place to start.

Let me know of any tips/tricks or just general advice you have in a comment or email, the feedback would really help! 

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