Saturday, 22 February 2014

Loreal Ombre

If you know me at all you will know that I am the least adventurous person when it comes to my hair. I sported dark brown hair for years until summer last year when I discovered the Loreal Ombre kits.... of course I'd seen ombre becoming a thing, and thought it looked gorgeous on most people and definitely a MUST for the Summer, so I picked up two boxes and after an hour voila, I was hooked.

I kept my hair maintained through the summer but then by winter my hair had started to fade to a kind of Orange, bronze kind of colour which I hated and the question arose.... to go back brown or to re-ombre?!

After weeks of questioning I took the plunge and dyed my locks yet again! I'm aware ombre is on its way out now and it's defo more for summer, but I MUCH prefer my hair lighter and the Loreal Kit is so fool proof and easy to use I thought I may as well! 

The results are yet again great in my books, I get a lot of hair compliments and for less than £10 I would highly recommend this way than a £300 salon trip (which I'll save for another story)! 


  1. The result is really amazing! I heard about this product before however it's not on sale in my country so.. Insert a deep sigh here! :(

  2. The ombre look definitely suits you :) I also swear by l'oreal hair dyes.

    Ioanna |

  3. Looks lovely, I look at this every time i go into boots but I'm not brave enough, my hair is dyed to dark atm and I'm scared of it going a orange colour instead of blonde. my plan is to try and get the colour out then go and try this. Nice to no its easy to use though

  4. Defo going to give this a go ASAP,
    I tried bleaching mine to get the ombre look because I was so impatient! But defo gona buy this!