Friday, 7 February 2014

Lush Spa - Kings Road

If you read my 21st birthday post you will have seen that for my birthday my lovely boyfriend treated me to a lovely massage at the Lush Spa. I've been a huge Lush fan for about 6 years now and had always looked at the Lush Spa but had never had the chance to, so of course when Chris sprung this onto me I was not only super excited but kinda nervous too as I'd never been to any kind of spa before.

Upon arriving the place was packed, I walk past this particular shop daily but have never actually been into this one so was quite surprised with how busy it was, once I'd given my name I was quickly swept away downstairs away from the hectic filled room upstairs and down to the spa. 

I was booked in for the Synaesthesia Massage, which is apparently supposed to use all of your senses, touch through the massage itself, sound through the music playing, see is the environment you're in, smell is the oils and taste is a yummy cup of tea when finished.

When I got into the spa I was taken to a kitchen like area and sat in front of a board with different words on it and the girl Holly asked me to write down which of the words I would like to feel, I choose 'Mind Cleansing', she then shown me some oils with other words on them and asked me to select one and I choose 'Focus - without Fear'. Then set up the room while I fresheners up in the huge bathroom, full of Lush soaps, perfumes, cleansers, toners, everything!

The room smelt gorgeous, it was quite small and filled with candle light and music, there was a shower in there which I didn't use but peeked in, to find loads of Lush Shower gels and other products.

Then on to the massage.

An hour and a half of pure heaven, starting with a face massage, hair massage then onto body, hot rocks, everything! I really was in heaven. I could have slept for days!

After the massage I freshener up whilst the lovely girl made me a cup of tea (using similar oils used as in the room) and gave me a massage bar and a bubble bar, one with each of the things I'd choose I wanted to feel earlier on.

Overall I had a truly brilliant experience. I am a huge Lush fan and an even bigger one now, I would recommend the spa to anybody, the whole experience was perfect. I will definitely be returning to try some of their other treatments.

Have you visited a Lush Spa?

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