Tuesday, 11 February 2014

This Works Deep Sleep Range..

If like me, you are the world's biggest worrier, you sometimes lose sleep over things or you just like your sleep a lot then look no further.
I've read many good things about the This Works, Deep Sleep Range.. up until about a year ago I would have never considered it, life was stress and worry free and I only ever worried about minor things. In the last year or so however I've developed a lot of anxiety, I'm not sure if it's moving to a new place or events that have occurred but that's a different story... I do now suffer from a lot of stress and worry. 
When I started hearing about this I thought it was a bit gimmicky, but the more and more I heard the more I wanted to try it.

I purchased the miniature Pillow Spray and Roller Ball, they both contain lavender and a bunch of ingredients that are proven to relax you... On trying them I was surprised by how much the smell actually soothed me, I'm not a huge lavender fan but the smell was comforting and quite nice. I found myself sleeping deeply and feeling an unfamiliar sense of calm. 

Overall I was impressed. For something I really wasn't sure on I was surprised by the results and will be purchasing the full size when these little ones run out.

Have you tried anything from the This Works range?


  1. I've love to get these smaller sizes to bring with me when I travel since I always find it difficult to relax and settle down in unfamiliar environments :o) Xx

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  2. I have actually just purchased this myself, have wanted it for ages and got some birthday money so decided to get that! :D
    fingers crossed it helps :)

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube

  3. Wow I totally thought this product was a scam! Great post, love your blog!