Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Best Shower Ever...

So I was browsing through the beauty aisles of House of Fraser recently and I just so happened to stumble upon the Rituals counter. I've never tried anything from the brand before, but I have heard lots of good things. I was in need of a new exfoliater so picked this up, among a few other bits and bobs. 

What I will say is that after my first shower using this, I fell in love. As did my boyfriend after I made him try it.
Not only is it an excellent scrub, it's super abrasive and leaves you feeling super soft. But the smell.... The mint scent fills your whole shower - think the Vic thing you rub on your chest when you're ill - it's like your whole shower is helping you breathe better.
I think this will be a staple winter product for me, I can see it working wonders for snuffly noses in the colder months. I am definitely impressed and no doubt will be treating myself to more Rituals products in the near future.

What's your favourite Rituals product?

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