Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Losing 8lbs!

Hello lovelies! 
Welcome back, I'm so sorry for my absence lately, I kind of explained a little about where I've been over on my other blog!
However, since I have been gone, I've lost 8 pounds!
Although my weight loss has been pretty quick, it has also been through consistency and some quite big lifestyle changes.

Firstly, back in November I started to make working out a regular thing, I was working a lot less than normal and my weight was creeping up, I had to do something about it, I started using the Nike Running App, and sometimes working out at home and others outdoors, aiming to do at least 10 miles a month, which I continued till January. On the days where I didn't run, I would do alternative work outs, some of my favorites being when I would drag my sister down to the river and we would do all kinds of work outs, from running up and down the steps, to star jumps to squats.

Although I noticed a change in the shape of my body, I wasn't really noticing any difference in my weight (which I know, muscle weighs more than fat but still...)

In February I realised in order to really notice a difference, my diet needed to change quite dramatically.
I was eating take out a lot and chocolate and wine amongst other things. I love unhealthy food and I don't think that will ever change, however, I tried to limit my intake of bad foods, if I was peckish I would choose to snack on fruit or yogurt. I made an effort to eat breakfast every day, even if I wasn't hungry I would force myself to eat something small, just so I wouldn't snack until lunch.

One huge difference in my diet has been swapping meat for fish, I'm probably eating fish 5 days a week now, as opposed to around 1 before. 

So although my diet has changed hugely, I have also taken on a job where I am basically running around for 90 hours a week, which I know has probably been a big contributor to my weight loss, and I had lost time for doing actual exercise anymore.

So this brings me to today, the weight has gone, so now I need to combine the two, what I was doing back in November and what I'm doing now if I want to get to a happy place with my body.
I've realised I went from a bad diet with lots of exercise to a good diet with not too much exercise (I'm active yes, but in terms of weight training and getting toned, I need some work).

I'm going to try my best to find time to work on my body as well as maintaining better eating habits and I will be sure to let you know how it goes!

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