Friday, 15 January 2016

What´s in my Bag? (2016)

I´m pretty sure this is my second or maybe even third ´What´s in my bag´post on here, but as I love reading them I thought I´d do a little updated one. Although my bag is definitely the same as the previous post a few things have changed.

(Left to right)
My iPhone (Yes I still have an iPhone 4S!). Carex hand sanitiser (I get through one a month). My 2016 diary - this one is from Ryman. Portable iPhone charger and cable - I bought both of these from Primark last year and they have changed my life. Tissues - this is a random brand I think I found them in an old handbag, but I always carry tissues, especially in the colder months. My Oyster - I used to have a really nice card carrier, but I got really drunk a few months ago and lost it, along with my ID and oyster! My bag of neccessities - I explain what is in here below... My card purse - this is basically full of every loyalty card that ever existed! A snack - Of course, I´m always hungry and have been loving snacked on these honey seeds (they taste better than they sound).

As well as all of my basic everyday things that I carry around with me I carry a little pouch with things I use for emergencies, make up tops etc. 
I carry them around in a dark green make up bag which I picked up from Mango last month..

(Left to right)
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold - I carry this around for the mirror, not for topping up my blusher on the go. Revlon Super Natural - One of my all time favourite nude lip glosses. A wet wipe - nobody wants sticky hands. Soap and Glory Hand Food - I always have hand cream in my bag and this one smells great. Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Chic - Another nude lip gloss... just in case. Soothing eye drops for itchy eyes - I use these mostly in the summer because I get the worst hayfever, but recently I went to my friends house and had such itchy eyes from playing with her cat so now I always carry a bottle in case of emergency. Travalo - So much easier than carrying a full bottle of perfume. Carmex - for obvious reasons. Chapstick - again, obvious reasons. One mento - I do usually always have mints or chewing gum, on this day I was obviously running low. A bobble/hairgrip - I actually have never needed these, but you never know. Two eyeliners - I don´t know why I need two nude lipglosses and two lipbalms either, I just do. Cold and flu tablets - it´s winter...

Phew. Such a small bag, so much stuff. 

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