Tuesday, 2 February 2016


One resolution I always try to make is to take more pictures and print those pictures!
The amount of pictures I´ve lost over the years of not backing up phones/computers is ridiculous so I always try my best to print them so I have them forever. 

I was recently contacted by a company called Cheerz, a photo printing company who offered for me to try out their products. After looking at their website and downloading their app I immediately loved their style and the products! 
They have everything from magnets, posters, DIY books, polaroids to framed pictures (all at very affordable prices!)
I think these are great absolutely great as gifts too! I know my sisters will love these!

I opted to try their signature ´Cheerz Box´, which is basically a small cute box with up to 30 polaroids inside. You can connect the app to your Facebook/Instagram and Dropbox and select the pictures you want to print and even caption them. 
The delivery was less than a week and the pictures all turned out great (no dodgy blurry ones or cropped out heads!)

I was so pleased with the outcome and have already recommended to all of my family, it will definitely be my go to printing service in the future, especially as the app is so easy to use!

Cheerz were lovely enough to give my readers a discount code on your first order so on any order over £8 you will get £4 off! 

Just enter "JODE2O" at the checkout and you will get £4 off your first order!

(Visit their website here)

Happy Tuesday!

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