Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fitness update #1

Hi guys, so a while ago on my blog I did a blog post all about my fitness/health story which you can go and have a look at if you would like - here!

So it's been a while since that post and lots has changed.


The biggest step I have taken is finally getting myself back to the gym! (Gyms in London are way more expensive than the gyms in the Midlands!) My weight had gone right up and I was constantly feeling unhappy about it, not looking good on my clothes, feeling lazy and generally unhappy about it.

Whenever I've joined gyms in the past I've always joined with a girlfriend and always went with them, however here no one wanted to join and none of my friends are motivated enough to go a lot, I was talking to my boyfriend about this as I don't like to go to the gym alone and we decided to get a joint membership. I now try to go every evening and my boyfriend and his brother come with me. 

I've mostly been doing cardio and a little strength, mostly focusing on my abs and arms but I'm looking into starting to incorporate some classes now and again also and then swimming when in comfortable with my body again. As tired as I am I've really been enjoying it and I'm already noticing a difference in myself.


So if you did read my previous post you will know that I have really bad eating habits and always have had.  
I don't eat salad or vegetables at all. Not even a little bit.
I eat white meat only and mostly fried food and snack pretty much all day on crisps and chocolate. 

Obviously I can't adapt to eating completely clean, but I have been trying out healthier alternatives. I've been eating out much less, sticking to drinks that are diet and sugar free or water, been making a conscious effort to order vodka lime and soda if I go out and if I do snack I'll try to snack on things that are much lighter and healthier. 

I've been checking calories and sugar in everything I eat and its making a huge difference to how I feel and my energy levels.


So as well as eating slightly better and working out daily I've also been using My FitnessPal religiously. I've had this app on my phone for a couple of years now and when I have my 'phases' of wanting to be skinny I tend to always go to it.
It's really simple to use and it just makes me more aware of what I eat and how much I should and shouldn't be eating. Also if I go over my calorie goal for the day it encourages me to work out harder to get back on track. 

You can also record your weight as much as you like to see the progress being made.
I recommend this app to anyone who is looking to diet or get on track with their fitness! 

As well as all of this I've been taking a couple of pills every day.
Have no fear, they're not diet pills of any sort and they're completely natural and I've read great things about them. 
 They're called:
"LA Muscle Strong Fat Metaboliser"
(Full review coming soon)  
They basically just speed up your metabolism, you eat them before meals and it helps burn fat quicker.


So overall I've lost 4 and a half pounds in just over a week, and I feel great, I'm not starving myself or anything, I'm just working out as much as possible and eating A LOT less than I used to be. 

This may sound unhealthy but I used to never work out at all and was probably eating around 2500+ calories a day. 

I feel great and will hopefully be at my target in no time. 

Hope everyone is well, follow me for more fitness and health updates in the future. 

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