Thursday, 7 November 2013

Goodbye Dry...

It's safe to say I have dry skin all year round, not just in the winter.
This can sometimes be quite annoying, trying to find the right products to banish my dry skin is difficult and I'm often left disappointed. 
However, recently my skin has been feeling slightly better, and I think it may be down to these products. 

For my body I've been using the Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser, this is perfect if you're quite lazy (like me) when it comes to moisturising your body. It's quick and easy and doesn't leave you waiting around for it to dry so you can put your clothes back on. You can literally just spray this straight on to your skin give it a quick rub and be out the door. It smells pretty good too!

When it comes to my hands I kind of neglect them. Although I've heard your hands are one thing that ages first (which terrifies me) I just don't moisturise my hands as much as I should. However, when I do I like to use the very famous Hand Food by Soap and Glory, I'm not huge on the smell like everybody else is but I can't deny this being a really nice product, it absorbs quickly and keeps your hands feeling soft.

I've always battled with chapped lips, I've tried everything from balls, to scrubs to the old toothbrush trick, but I find it all to be kinda temporary. However I've recently discovered this Blistex Intensive Moisturiser and it may just be my new holy frail lip balm. Since buying it and I literally have not had a problem with my lips at all. I apply this 2-3 times a day and really like it. It is very mentholy if you don't like that then be warned, but other than that it's a really great product.

My face is probably my biggest issue, I have moisturised my face everyday since I have known how to, I moisturise and prime my face every morning before applying my foundation to give my make up a nicer surface to sit on. I'm not sure if this Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser is 'the one' but it's a winner so far, I still don't find it to be perfect but it's better than most that I've tried. 

So that's what's been keeping my dry skin at bay in the colder months and my skin is thankful. Do you have any holy frail moisturisers?

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