Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Charles Worthington Texturising Spray

After hearing a lot of hype around this product and it being named the 'Oribe Texturising Spray', I knew I had to give it a go.
After trying and testing it for a few days I can now report back my thoughts on this product. 
Firstly, it does give volume, it adds a lot of texture to your hair which I can't really complain about. 
However, in my opinion this product feels a lot like hairspray, it smells like hairspray and it feels a lot like it whilst in my hair which I'm personally not a huge fan of seems I'm not really a hair product user. This is also an issue as it leaves me wanting to wash my hair straight away which is not great if you're using this production a daily basis. 

My final thoughts: if you don't mind a lot of product in your hair and you're used to that then I highly recommend this if you're looking for voluminous hair. However if you're like me and not really used to too much product and like your hair to feel clean constantly, then I'd probably steer clear.
As for it being a Oribe dupe, I can't comment as I haven't tried the latter, but it does do what it says on the tin and for a fraction of the price, it's worth a try.