Thursday, 16 January 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara

I feel like I'm on a constant hunt for the 'perfect' mascara.
I have quite long, curled lashes to begin with, but I feel mascara just pulls together any look and completes the make up. A few months ago whilst in Boots I stumbled across one of their latest launches the Scandaleyes Mascara. I love the Scandaleyes range, the eyeliners, shadowsticks and cream eyeshadows are brilliant!

However, the same sadly can't be said for this mascara.
When it comes to my lashes I like a bit of everything, length, volume and I like them quite spread out. No clumps! However, as much as this mascara does offer length I find it quite clumpy and very difficult to remove resulting in me losing lashes each time I take my make up off. Argh!
Unfortunately this mascara is not a winner for me. I know they have a few other Scandaleyes mascara's in the range so let me know if you have tried any and what your thoughts are. 

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  1. I was curious about this mascara, so thanks for this review - it doesn't sound like it would work for me so I'll pass on this one. L'Oréals Butterfly effect is a great one :o) Xx

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