Friday, 17 January 2014

Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer

Although I have very dry skin and my make up tends to stay put a decent amount of time throughout the day, I find I am always on the hunt for a good primer. 
I've tried a few primers over time and nothing has ever really 'wowed' me.
I picked up this Revlon primer on a whim around 6 months ago, I love Revlon, they are probably one of my favourite drugstore make up brands and they very rarely disappoint.

So what did I think of this primer?
It's nice. Just nice. I like to use it as a base for my make up as I do find my make up applies better after using it. As for making my make up last I'd say it is okay. It's nothing life changing but it gets the job done.
One thing that bugged me about this product is that whenever I use it I get dry bits of product on my face which is really annoying! I also find you have to use quite a few pumps for the whole face to be fully primed.

Overall I'd say it's a nice product, I wouldn't repurchase again but if you're just looking for a nice base that feels light on the skin and will make your make up last a little longer then this is for you. 


  1. So nothing really special, huh? :/ I'm still searching for the perfect primer but I can't seem to find a great one yet. :(
    Thanks for the honest review! ^_^

  2. I wasn't impressed myself, I have seen some good reviews on this product though so it might just not have worked for me xx