Monday, 6 January 2014

Natural Collection Lipsticks

After recently trying (and loving) the Natural Collection Peach Melba blush, I thought I'd give a couple of there other products a chance, seeing as most of the Natural Collection range is £1.99 I thought I might as well give the brand a chance, if I don't like it, it's not like I splashed out.
I opted to try two of their lipsticks (of course), I picked up Cranberry and Crimson, both really lovely shades.
The first thing I noticed was how bad the packaging was, I know I shouldn't have expected more for £1.99 but still... 
However, when trying these out a couple of times I came to discover they are not actually bad products. The pigmentation is great! (Especially on Crimson), they are easy to build and are quite long lasting. The formula can be quite drying on the lips so I'd recommend a good lip balm underneath or lip gloss on top.
Crimson is a very vibrant red, I'd say more of an evening red than a day time red, but the colour is very beautiful.
Cranberry is one of my favourite kinds of lip colours, very natural looking but it still looks like you've made an effort. The colour isn't as pigmented as Crimson but it's buildable and I think it would suit a lot of skin tones.
I think that for the price these are definitely worth looking in to, they don't have a huge selection of colours but they are all wearable colours and the colour pay off is pretty good.
Have you tried these lipsticks?

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