Friday, 3 January 2014

Skin Care Saviours

So if you read my blog you'll know I have recently had a few problems with my skin. I developed a rash on my face (I think allergy related) as well as several spots and my complexion was just not looking good.
I don't tend to suffer from bad skin too often, I usually get 1-2 spots a month so this was a bit scary for me. So I decided it was time to change it up, I went to Boots and just bought a few things to try to renew my skin.
The first thing I got was E45, my mom used to use this for everything as a kid and it's supposedly good for rashes (amongst other things) so I gave it a try.
This not only got rid of my rash within a day or two but I've found myself reaching for it loads since getting it and now I don't leave the house without it. 

I also got my hands on a bottle of Hydraluron, I did a full review on this here, but this has helped my skin feel much fresher and healthier as well as giving it added moisture and massively helping me out in the long run.

I then decided to pick up a new moisturiser as I'm almost out of my current one and I like to try new ones constantly as I'm always on the hunt for 'the perfect moisturiser', so I picked up the Nivea Daily Essentials Day Cream, this is so nice to wear, it's very light and smooth, it's not as hydrating as it could be, but I like to wear it as it doesn't make my skin feel clogged up and my make up applies nicely over it.

Lastly, I needed a face mask. As my skin was not looking it's best I decided to pick up a face mask to treat my skin to and to unclog any pores and refresh my face. I picked up this Simple one, mainly because I was in a very small Boots and I only had about 2 face masks to choose from but nevertheless, I bought it and I actually like it.
I've always like Simple products, they're very light and nice on my skin, this face mask is no different. It's very light and fresh and gentle on my skin and my skin feels much cleaner and smoother and I really like it.
Overall, my skin is looking and feeling much better. 
I've been using all of these products for a couple of weeks now and there is a notable difference considering 3/4 of these products are very affordable. 


  1. Thta E45 cream seems to do wonders for everybody! Now I want to try it out really bad haha :)